21 September 2007

New art education web resource - Simon Schama's Power of Art

Have only had a quick look at it but it looks pretty interesting so far:

It's based on a PBS TV series. But all the episodes are viewable online.

15 September 2007

Art and mathematics

Etching of a print gallery merging with the real world
What do mathematics and art have in common? Some people see these two disciplines as incompatible by definition. Others see mathematics within art, at least in areas such as geometry and perspective. I have just published an essay on my personal/professional website in which I try to dig a little deeper, to examine the principles and philosophies of these two disciplines and how they might relate.

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10 September 2007

500 years of women in art

Here's an interesting Flash animation: 500 years of female portraits in Western art (condensed in a three minute morphing video). It's interesting: this technology has been around for years, so it's amazing no-one's done this sort of thing before (well, as far as I'm aware, anyway).